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Combining HPC with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics – there’s a webinar that’ll show you how to do it

The next meeting of the second series of the RISC2 project takes place on February 22 under the motto “Developing complex workflows that include HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics”.

The supercomputing universe is currently composed of complex machines, capable of hosting larger and more heterogeneous applications, and it is therefore becoming increasingly common for high-performance computing applications to be combined with Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. However, there are challenges that still prevail, namely when it comes to optimizing this combination.

To elevate the development of workflows that involve these three structures, PyCOMPSs – a parallel task-based programming in Python – will be at the center of the new talk organized by the RISC2 project. “Developing complex workflows that include HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics” is scheduled for February 22, at 4pm (UTC). This session comes from the second series of webinars dedicated to the most diverse aspects of high performance computing.

The speaker will be Rosa Badia, member of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) and coordinator of the “Workflows and Distributed Computing” research group, accompanied by Esteban Mocskos, from the University of Buenos Aires, who will be responsible for moderating the conversation.

Registration is already open and can be done here.