Advanced Computing Projects Call: information session focused on Deucalion access

Applications to use the Deucalion supercomputer are open until February 8 and there will be a new information session this month, via Zoom, for those interested

The National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA) is organising a new information session on the 4th Advanced Computing Projects Call, focused on access to Deucalion supercomputer and aimed at anyone interested in applying for the A3 typology – recommended for large research and innovation projects. 

The session is free – but requires prior registration (here) to participate – and is scheduled for 31 January, Wednesday, via Zoom, starting at noon. 

The Advanced Computing Projects Call offers a unique opportunity for researchers, scientists and national institutions to submit proposals that exploit the advanced computing capacity of Deucalion which, due to its exceptional processing power, becomes a valuable tool for a wide variety of projects.

Applications for typology A3 remain open until 8 February 2024 and are open to all areas of knowledge, from biology and medicine to physics, engineering and social sciences. 

Detailed information can be found on the FCT and EuroCC websites.