BigHPC Project hosts new webinar

“Monitoring in BigHPC: Lessons Learned” is the next webinar organized by BigHPC. Taking place on November 17, it’ll bring together system managers and users to better understand and explore the platform developed in this project, which is supported by LIP.

The webinar series “Towards a new generation of Big Data & HPC”, organized by the Big HPC project, has a new webinar scheduled. This time, for November 17, Wednesday, at 3pm.

Entitled “Monitoring in BigHPC: Lessons Learned”, the session will be about – as is easily perceived by the title – the monitoring mechanisms of the BigHPC platform.

During the webinar, those responsible for managing the platform developed in this project will have the opportunity to analyze the systems and present the results obtained in real HPC environments. The added value of the platform in identifying software and hardware anomalies will also be highlighted – which is essential for controlling the work to be performed as well as the operation of the platform.

From the users’ perspective, this session will be particularly useful for them to better understand the advantages that the platform brings. This system will allow them to more clearly identify the nature of the jobs they submit or, in other words, quantify the resources they actually need in the actual infrastructure to perform their jobs.

The webinar will be conducted by Júlio Costa, data analyst at Wavecom – involved in the development of the platform – and will be moderated by Rohan Kadekodi, from UT Austin.

Registrations are already open!