Calls for access to EuroHPC JU supercomputers

EuroHPC JU has opened several access modes to European supercomputers to ensure that it meets the needs of researchers, research centers, public authorities and industries that want to apply.

Access to European supercomputers can be made through four different access modes: Benchmark, Development, Regular and Extreme Scale. Each of these typologies has its own purpose and deadline for application submission and, therefore, researchers from academia, research centers, public authorities and Portuguese industries are invited to join the one that best meets their needs.

Those interested in joining through Regular access can do so during the next 53 days. It is important to note that it is designed to serve research, industry open R&D and public sector applications that need to use large-scale resources or computing and storage resources more frequently. This typology mainly uses petascale systems from EuroHPC JU.

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With less time for submitting applications (23 days), there is the possibility of working with European supercomputers through Benchmark access. In this typology, users receive a limited number of node hours, for a maximum period of three months. It is intended for code scalability tests, whose results may later be applied in Regular and Extreme Scale access calls.

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The EuroHPC JU supercomputers

  • LUMI – pre-exascale supercomputer installed in Finland, capable of reaching a maximum performance of 550 petaflops
  • LEONARDO – pre-exascale supercomputer installed in Italy, capable of reaching 323.40 petaflops of maximum performance
  • MARENOSTRUM 5 – pre-exascale supercomputer installed in Spain, capable of reaching 314 petaflops
  • VEGA – petascale supercomputer located in Slovenia, capable of a maximum performance of 10.05 petaflops
  • MELUXINA – petascale supercomputer located in Luxembourg, capable of reaching 18.29 petaflops of performance
  • KAROLINA – petascale supercomputer in the Czech Republic, capable of reaching 12.91 petaflops of performance
  • DISCOVERER – petascale supercomputer in Bulgaria, capable of reaching 5.94 petaflops of maximum performance
  • DEUCALION – petascale supercomputer being built in Portugal, capable of reaching a maximum performance of 10 petaflops

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The call for Development access has the same deadline (23 days remaining) and is designed to respond to the development and optimization of code and algorithms, applied to academic or industrial research, as well as large initiatives with public or private funding (Centers of Excellence or Competencies). This typology guarantees a small number of node hours, for one year, with the possibility of being renewed for a maximum period of two years.

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Finally, the Extreme Scale access is designed to receive innovative, high-impact, high-gain research, guaranteeing users (all fields of science, industry and the public sector) large amounts of computing time, storage, data and support, for up to three months. This contest is continuously open, but there are deadlines for applications. Those interested can do so until April 23 or later until September 28.

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