Counting down for ISC High Performance 2023

Europe’s biggest event for high performance computing is right around the corner. Hamburg hosts another edition, between May 21 and 25. Registration is now open!

Under the motto “Imagine Tomorrow” ISC High Performance 2023 is being prepared. Over five days (May 21-25), attendees can expect various activities around high performance computing, machine learning and data analytics, without forgetting quantum computing.

This edition is already being planned and led by John Shalf, the new program chair, from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

It is also important to note that, unlike last year, the conference will not be streamed online.

Registration is already open. But first it is important to know the agenda. The program revolves around five distinct topics:

System Architecture
  • Emerging HPC Processors and Accelerators
  • Memory and Storage Technology
  • Extreme Heterogeneity
  • Resource Disaggregation
  • Exascale Systems
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Computing Beyond Moore’s Law
Applications & Algorithms
  • Climate and Weather Modeling
  • Workflows from Edge to Cloud
  • Life Science
  • Numerical Libraries
  • Mixed Precision Algorithms
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality
  • Industrial Use Cases of HPC, ML and QC
  • Digital Twins
Parallel programming models & modeling performance
  • Parallel Programming Languages
  • Managing Extreme-Scale Parallelism
  • Performance Modeling and Tuning
  • HPC Workflows
Machine learning
  • AI Applications
  • Explainable ML Technology
  • ML Systems and Tools
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Big Data Analytics
Quantum computing
  • Quantum Computing – State of the Art
  • Quantum Program Development and Optimization
  • Quantum Computing – HPC Integration