Deucalion supercomputer places Portugal on the map of the world’s most efficient supercomputers

Deucalion, installed in Guimarães, makes its debut on the TOP500 list, standing out for its energy efficiency and processing speed, while three European supercomputers rank among the world’s top 10.

The June 2024 edition of the TOP500, which has been ranking the 500 most powerful supercomputers in the world since 1993, was recently unveiled at ISC 2024 in Hamburg, Germany. In this 63rd update, the Portuguese supercomputer Deucalion, installed in Guimarães and inaugurated last September, makes its debut on the list, achieving the #81 position in energy efficiency for its Arm partition and #219 in processing speed.

Deucalion’s presence in this ranking represents a significant milestone for science and technology in Portugal, providing researchers and companies with a powerful infrastructure to drive national innovation. This supercomputer is part of the EuroHPC network of European supercomputers, accessible to research and innovation communities across Europe.

Francisco dos Santos, Vice-President of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), stated: “This recognition of Deucalion reinforces our commitment and investment in Advanced Computing and the development of supercomputers that achieve notable performance and efficiency at an international level. We will continue this effort so that Portuguese technology and projects in this area continue to grow.”

With a performance of 3.9 petaflops in Linpack (HPL), Deucalion is the result of a partnership between FCT, through FCCN, and EuroHPC JU. The Portuguese supercomputer not only boasts impressive performance but also a low carbon footprint, ranking 80th on the Green500, which classifies supercomputers based on their energy consumption.

Deucalion offers a wide range of applications, benefiting fields such as meteorology, climate modeling, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, astrophysics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, medicine, and drug production, among others.

In the same TOP500 list, three European supercomputers funded by EuroHPC JU are among the world’s top 10. LUMI, installed in Finland, ranks fifth, followed by Leonardo in Italy at seventh, and MareNostrum 5 ACC in Spain at eighth. The podium remains dominated by Frontier, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States, which continues to hold first place with a performance of 1,194.00 petaflops, followed by Aurora (Argonne National Laboratory) and Eagle (Microsoft Azure), both also in the United States.

The complete list can be viewed on the TOP500 website.