Do you work with large-scale AI models, language foundation models or supercomputer systems? There’s a new competition for you to enter

AI-BOOST joined forces with EuroHPC-JU to bring you the Large AI Grand Challenge. Don’t miss out!

The Large AI Grand Challenge aims to foster the development of large-scale AI models in Europe and to substantially increase the visibility of Europe’s activity in this field. The competition will reward innovative start-ups for devising ambitious strategies and making commitments to develop large-scale AI models that will provide a competitive edge for Europe.

Participants are invited to submit a proposal for the development of a language foundation model, utilising one of the EuroHPC JU targeted facilities (i.e. LUMI or Leonardo supercomputers). The model must be trained from scratch, possess a minimum of 30 billion parameters, and be trained following state-of-the-art optimal scaling laws for computing and training data size. Applications are due until January 16th.

The expected outcome of the Large AI Grand Challenge is the selection of up to 4 proposals to create innovative foundational language models that will outperform state-of-the-art systems in a number of relevant tasks. The development of these models should necessarily involve the use of High Performance Computing (HPC).

The competition is an initiative of AI-BOOST, an EU-funded prominent open challenge prize programme that will serve as a benchmark for the European artificial intelligence (AI) community. Its consortium is formed by 7 partners from 6 European countries: Spain (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Portugal (INESC TEC), Ireland (F6S), Belgium (EIT Digital), Italy (CINECA) and Slovakia (Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Safarika V Kosiciach).

To find out more about the Large AI Grand Challenge you can check AI-BOOST page.