EU DataViz’ 21

23-24 November 2021

[English only] EU DataViz is an international conference on open data and data visualisation addressing the needs of the public sector across the EU. Online from Luxembourg to the world, it is organised by the Publications Office of the European Union as part of the EU Open Data Days. The conference is funded by ISA2 programme of the European Union. 

This free online conference on 23 and 24  November 2021 will provide the opportunity to share experiences and latest trends in open data and data visualisation. The first day will focus on ways to ensure open data is freely available for reuse, which in turn improves transparency and leads to better decision-making and citizen engagement. The second day will highlight data visualisation as a powerful tool for various purposes, from making complex information accessible in a meaningful way to exploring policy scenarios.

EU DataViz will bring together the open data and data visualisation community, including policymakers, researchers, academia, private entities, students and citizens interested in the power of open data as a factor determining our future.

The conference is open to the general public and may be especially attractive to professionals working in public administration. 

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