EuroHPC JU has an open call for european researchers to use supercomputers

Don’t miss the opportunity to have access to the LUMI (Finland), Leonardo (Italy), and MareNostrum5 (Spain) supercomputers.

The European High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) call is aimed at all fields of science. It also reaches industry and the public sector. The first condition is that they justify the need for a high number of computing hours as well as for large storage capacity and support resources.

From academia to research institutes, public authorities to industry, all researchers who are based in a member state of the European Union or a country associated to the Horizon 2020 program can apply.

The LUMI supercomputer – number one on the TOP500 list installed in Finland – the Leonardo supercomputer operating in Italy, and the Spanish MareNostrum5 are being made accessible for the call.

The resources, however, are not distributed equally, and the scientific side is being prioritized – this is where 75% of the efforts are allocated. To industry 20% of the resources are given, and to public administration the remaining 5%.

This call is continuously open, but there are deadlines for submitting proposals. The next one is May 12.

More information is available in this link.