EuroHPC JU is looking for European entities to host new supercomputers

The High Performance Computing Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU) has opened two calls for expression of interest to select entities to receive and operate new machines

In the continuing mission to innovate and raise European supercomputing to the highest level, two new calls for expression of interest have been launched to choose entities in the European Union who will be entrusted with new supercomputers to be purchased by the EuroHPC JU.

Until February 15, 2023, interested parties can apply to EuroHPC-2022-CEI-EXA-01 for the subsequent selection of the entity that will be in charge of a new high-end supercomputer, developed with state-of-the-art technology, capable of reaching exascale-level performance (and even beyond, when that stage arrives).

The system will be financed by the EuroHPC JU up to 50% with resources from the Digital Europe Programme. In practice, the maximum investment made available will have a ceiling of 300 million euros.

Applications can be submitted to the dedicated webpage.

To host and operate mid-range supercomputers – petascale level, for example – applications are open until the same day (February 13). For these cases, the funding differs. The EuroHPC JU will only fund up to 35%, corresponding to a total of 40 million euros.

More detailed information about the EUROHPC-2022-CEI-MR-01 call and the respective applications can be found here.