Free course on Computational Biosciences using HPC systems

Save the date: from 12 to 29 September, researchers and students are invited to participate on this online course organized by UCIBIO in partnership with EuroCC project

UCIBIO members – the research unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences -, in the framework of the EuroCC project, will instruct a hand-on course tailored for researchers that are interested in starting High Performance Computing projects.

The course will have some lectures too, with access to the INCD HPC datacenter on which they will be able to run the tutorials. The full course covers a total of six modules, distributer over two weeks – from 12 to 29 of September.

Each individual module requires registration. The list of topics are the following:

Week 1 (OMICS)

  • High-throughput Sequencing Data

  • Transcriptome Assembly

  • Phylogenomics

Week 2 (Molecular Modeling)

  • Structure-based Virtual Screening

  • Molecular Dynamics

  • Hybrid Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics

It’ll be free of charge. Registration is mandatory for each individual module – and can be found here:

This work was produced with the support of INCD funded by FCT and FEDER under the project 01/SAICT/2016 nº 022153