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EuroCC First Mentoring Workshop on topic “Outreach and Collaboration with Industry and Public Sector”

28 October 2021 [English only] The first mentoring workshop will take place on Thursday, 28 October 2021, from 9:00-12:30 CEST. This workshop is open to everyone at EuroCC/ CASTIEL who would like to learn more about the collaboration with industry and the public sector. In order to know which topics or questions you would like to […]

PRACE-6IP Project Survey: new Deadline 31 October 2021

The PRACE-6IP Survey organized by Juelich Supercomputing Centre will now be available online until 31 October 2021. The aim of this survey is to help assess what difficulties and issues SMEs face when attempting to apply High Performance Computing and Big Data Analysis to their work and when navigating the maze of software covering virtually all […]

EU Open Data Days – Shaping our future with open data

EU Open Data Days – Shaping our future with open data

23-25 November 2021 [English only] Online from Luxembourg to the world: The Publications Office of the European Union is organising the first EU Open Data Days Data is a key asset for digital transformation. It is a building material for research and innovation,  personalised products and services, powerful new technologies and better decision-making. These translate into solutions to societal challenges […]

Uses Cases

Extrusion Blow Molding Simulator

Topics: Polymer Processing, Computational Rheology, Industrial Process Simulation In our daily life polymeric based soft materials play an indispensable role, being present in a wide variety of products such as clothes, toothbrushes, car components, plastic hangers, toys, paint, etc. Due to their complex structure, their behavior induces complex, sometimes counter intuitive, phenomena, which are difficult […]

Assessing the power of Tasks with data dependencies in OMPSS to optimize particle-in-cell simulation

Despite the strong promises of the task-based paradigm, as adopted in parallel programming models such as OpenMP and OmpSs, its effective advantages are far from being well understood when applied to the non-trivial programs that comprise real-world HPC applications. In the context of the EPEEC project, a recent collaboration between INESC-ID and BSC (Barcelona Supercomputer […]