Meeting with SRCE 

Five members from the University of Zagreb Computing Centre, Croatia (SRCE) visited FCCN in an exchange program that strengthens collaboration in supercomputing and authentication systems. The visit included presentations, experience sharing, and discussions on authentication and European identifiers, with the presence of representatives from the University of Lisbon.

On June 20th, the FCCN had the pleasure of receiving a delegation of five specialists from the Computing Centre (SRCE) of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. This meeting, part of an exchange program, aimed to strengthen cooperation in crucial areas such as supercomputing, academic information systems, research, and authentication.

The session began at 2 PM in the FCCN’s Jupiter Room with a warm welcome followed by a series of presentations. João Pagaime from FCCN started the event with a comprehensive presentation on the activities and functions of the FCCN. Next, Susana Caetano detailed the institution’s Advanced Computing capabilities and projects. The importance of EuroCC2 and NCC Portugal was highlighted by Lígia Breda Melo from LIP.

The SRCE, represented by its members, presented their initiatives and functions, emphasizing the similarities and synergies with the FCCN. The exchange of experiences particularly focused on computing and the implemented applications.

The session also included members from the Department of Informatics at the University of Lisbon, who contributed to the discussions with their perspectives and experiences.

In the late afternoon, the delegation had the opportunity to visit the FCCN’s GRID infrastructure, culminating with a group photo to mark this important meeting that consolidated the spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing that characterizes European initiatives.

This meeting reinforces Portugal’s commitment to promoting international collaboration and the exchange of experiences, essential for the advancement of supercomputing and authentication technologies in Europe.