New BigHPC project webinar scheduled for the end of the month

The meeting, entitled “A deep dive on BigHPC platform delivery into HPC clusters”, will take place on January 26, Thursday, at 3pm.

The webinar series organized by the BigHPC project is once again bringing together experts for a new conversation: “A deep dive on BigHPC platform delivery into HPC clusters”. It is scheduled for January 26, Thursday, at 3pm.

This project was born with the goal of developing a platform – the BigHPC – that will facilitate the work of users who need large computational capacity and use massive amounts of data. Already in an advanced stage of development, it is now time to reveal the work that has been done to achieve the integration of all components of the platform.

LIP, as coordinator of the task of integrating all the aspects that have been worked on by other groups – such as storage, monitoring, virtualization, optimization of data access operations – will have on stage Samuel Bernardo and Miguel Viana, from LIP’s computing and digital infrastructures group, with Mariana Miranda, a student from the University of Minho affiliated to INESC TEC, who will be moderating the conversation.

The focus will be on discussing how this connection will be made so that the final product guarantees users a single tool to perform their computing jobs that exceed the response capacity of a single machine, regardless of the infrastructure they are using.

Registration can be made here.