New RISC2 project webinar: “Adressing the challenges of scientific visualization in the exascale age”

The monthly talk of the RISC2 project is scheduled for May 31st, at 4pm. It will be guided by João Barbosa, the portuguese researcher in High-performance Computing, at MACC.

The webinar series “HPC system & tools”, organized by the RISC2 project, brings, during the month of May, the session “Addressing the challenges of scientific visualization in the exascale age”. It will take place on May 31, at 4 pm.

The title leaves little room for doubt as to the theme that will be at the center of the session. João Barbosa, researcher at Minho Advanced Computing Center (MACC), will lead the conversation about new methodologies for scientific visualization in high performance computing systems, in order to ensure greater scalability, flexibility and detail.

Participants will have the opportunity to open horizons for possible solutions to some of the current challenges of post-hoc scientific visualization and analysis – similar to those of numerical simulation.

The registration period will be open soon. It can be done through this link.