Online workshop: HPC at service of medicine and pharmacies

FF4EuroHPC is organizing initiatives that aim to show the results obtained in experiences that have applied HPC technologies in small and medium-sized enterprises, in various sectors. The first workshop is already scheduled. It’ll be about healthcare.

FF4EuroHPC is a European initiative that brings together HPC technologies and small and medium-sized enterprises from various sectors, in 42 experiments, spread across 22 European countries, with the aim of bringing communities together.

Finished – successfully – not long ago, FF4EuroHPC is now organizing a series of workshops to unveil the results of the work and to properly illustrate the benefits of taking advantage of HPC systems.

The first meeting is scheduled for September 23rd and will be dedicated to experiences related to the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

In the morning, the brief opening session will give room to a first conversation focusing on a “pediatric dosimetry” platform for clinical use, also called “PediDose”. The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to the use of HPC in drug discovery. Finally, to close the agenda, the use of the Cloud to serve procedures related to congenital heart diseases will be in focus.

The detailed program and registration form can be found on the FF4EuroHPC website.