Open, trusted and digitally enabled science for an International Community: A workshop on priorities and international alignment for the European Open Science Cloud

As the EOSC enters its implementation phase 2021-2022, the newly published Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the EOSC lays out a clear roadmap for the coming decade to ensure commitment, cooperation and consensus of all stakeholders. This workshop will first provide participants with an overview of the main aspects of the roadmap with specific reference to both strategic and practical priorities which will be the main focus of newly formed EOSC Working Groups. We will then delve deeper into the various partnerships and international collaborations that the EOSC should establish based on an initial scoping activity carried out by RDA and commissioned by the EOSC governance ( project).;

Topics to be covered will include:  

  • Landscape of the research and scientific communities and their readiness to engage with Open Science Clouds / Open Research Commons;
  • Collaborations across regional, disciplinary, and national Open Research Data Commons and Open Science Clouds via the RDA Global Open Research Commons Interest Group;
  • Supporting organisations to engage with Open Science Clouds / Open Research Commons;
  • Overview of RDA Global Open Research Commons Working Group benchmarking exercise”

Full information and draft agenda on EOSCsecretariat website: here
Registration: here