Portugal is upgrading its computing and data storage capacity

The improvements are intended for cloud and high-performance computing in various parts of the country. In one of them, a new operational center is even being built.

Portugal is increasing the capacity and functionality of its computing and data infrastructure. These improvements are being implemented within the framework of the participation in the FCT national research infrastructure roadmap. The capacity upgrades are being implemented at the National Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD) operational centers located in Lisbon, Coimbra and Vila Real.

In Lisbon, the capacity for high-performance computing is being improved, with a new partition with about 2000 AMD EPYC 7643 CPU cores, and also with new A100 GPUs. The storage capacity for high performance computing is also being increased with a 2 petabyte boost.

In Vila Real, INCD is installing a new operational center that will provide high-performance computing and cloud computing. It’ll be equipped with about 5000 AMD EPYC 7643 CPU cores, Infiniband HDR 200 low-latency network, 1 petabyte of storage for high-performance computing and 2.8 petabytes of storage for cloud computing.

In Coimbra, long-term storage facilities are the target of this latest upgrade, with the installation of 20 petabytes of storage based on tape using LTO-9 technology.