HPC4PE is the latest Portuguese project on HPC within the scope of the F4FEuroHPC Open Call

The project HPC4PE- “High Performance Computing for Profile Extrusion” is one of the two Portuguese initiatives accepted within the scope of the second FF4EuroHPC Open Call for experiment proposals, which took place between June and September, 2021.

HPC4PE aims at resorting to HPC and computational modelling to promote the digital transformation of profile extrusion dies design methods, which are usually based on inefficient and resource demanding experimental trial-and-error approaches.

This research aims at deploying a computational framework, combining simulation and optimization tools, that runs efficiently in HPC facilities, to support the design of profile extrusion dies.

“HPC4PE joins the complementary expertise of 3 entities to illustrate the benefits of resorting to HPC, when dealing with complex industrial problems, has happens for the design of profile extrusion dies”, said Miguel Nóbrega, the researcher leading the project at the University of Minho.

The project will be developed at the MACC’s infrastructure, with an industrial end-user and manufacturer of extruded plastic profiles, the SME, Soprefa, a public technology expert, University of Minho, and the SME ISV, Wolf Dynamics, as partners.