RNCA attended Ciência 2023 summit

The session of the National Network for Advanced Computing took place in the early afternoon of the last day of the portuguese Science summit. The latest updates of RNCA and some future projects were presented, such as the preparation of the MOOC about Supercomputing and the operationalization of the Deucalion supercomputer.

For the first time, Ciência summit left Lisbon and was hosted in Aveiro, at the Santiago University Campus, between July 5 and 7. This was also the first edition focused on a single theme: “Science and Ocean beyond the Horizon”. However, the presence of the National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA) was not unjustified.

The session took place during the last day of Ciência 2023, in which the highlights of this year were presented: the national advanced computing calls, the new MOOC on Supercomputing and the national advanced computing survey.

There was also time for the stage to be taken by some of the representatives of the operational centers, such as João Barbosa, from the Minho Advanced Computing Center (MACC), who took over the part of the session dedicated to the Deucalion supercomputer – and its entry into operation – and Jorge Gomes, coordinator of the LIP Computing group, who revisited the previous year of the National Infrastructure for Distributed Computing (INCD), which he integrates as one of the directors.

The RNCA session ended with the presentation of opportunities under the EuroHPC initiative, carried out by Mário Amaral, from the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).