The HPC Center at the University of Évora has scheduled a session to present the mobility grants for Europe

This meeting aims to disclose opportunities to teach, study or do an internship in various areas of computing. It will take place on March 8th, at 6pm, via zoom. Previous registration is required!

The High Performance Computing Center – University of Évora (Centro HPC-UÉ) will hold a new session to announce the mobility grants for Europe, offered in the scope of the ERASMUS+ Advanced Computing Consortium.

Anyone interested in applying will have the opportunity, in a foreign country, to do training, job shadowing, observation periods, teaching, studies or internships in several areas of computing: data processing, programming, artificial intelligence, among many others.

This initiative is scheduled for March 8th, via zoom, starting at 6pm. The registration period is already open – it can be done here.

The contents of the session have already been disclosed:

  • ERASMUS+ Program
  • Advanced Computing Consortium
  • Types of mobility
  • Where to do the mobility
  • How to apply
  • Questions and Answers