The three European supercomputers among the world’s most powerful

According to the new update of the Top500 list, three of the supercomputers funded by the EuroHPC JU are in the top places of the most powerful in the world

The biannual TOP500 list has released its 62nd update, ranking the world’s fastest supercomputers.

On the podium, remaining unshaken in the latest updates of the list, the gold medal still belongs to Frontier, installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in the United States of America, whose performance exceeds 1,194.00 petaflops.

Standing in second and third place, also installed in the USA, Aurora (Argonne National Laboratory) and Eagle (Microsoft Azure).

As for European machines, LUMI, installed in Finland, stands in fifth place, Leonardo, in Italy, in sixth place and – the novelty! – MareNostrum 5 ACC, installed in Spain, in eighth place.

The full ranking can be seen on the website.