Tutorial on Advanced Use of Containers in HPC

LIP will be hosting a new tutorial this month and you can still register to attend

The Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics (LIP) will host an online tutorial on Advanced Use of Containers in High Performance Computing (HPC) on January 23.

Led by Mário David and Jorge Gomes, the tutorial aims to provide users with the necessary skills on how to submit containers into GPU in an HPC cluster. It will be shown examples on how to build containers using udocker to run under GPU’s cluster at the National Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD). 

Although this tutorial is a continuation of the previous course “Using Containers in HPC” (a hands-on tutorial), one can participate in it without prior knowledge of containers. However, it is advisable to possess a solid understanding of how to use and submit jobs on HPC clusters.

You can register here.