Webinar: A roadmap to quantum computing integration into HPC infrastructures

On March 15th, at 4pm, this hybrid computational approach that joins quantum computing and HPC will be under discussion at the meeting hosted by the RISC 2 project. Registration is already open!

Quantum computing is, without a doubt, the latest thing in computing. However, there are still unsolved challenges and clear improvements to be made, particularly in QPU, the processing units at the core of quantum computers.

As solutions to optimize QPUs are being sought, ways of integrating them with other computing resources are emerging at the same time. In HPC infrastructures, for example.

The webinar, entitled “Roadmap for the integration of quantum computing in HPC infrastructures”, organized by the RISC 2 project, will focus on this hybrid computing approach, where it stands, as well as the challenges and opportunities related to it.

The session, scheduled for 4pm on March 15th, will take place online and will be led by Alba Cervera-Lierta, Senior researcher at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

Registration is now open!