We’re launching two Virtual Labs in HPC and AI!

The National Network for Advanced Computing (RNCA) is launching two innovative virtual laboratories, aiming to boost innovation in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Created with the support of the Operational Centers and Competence Centers, the pilot project for an HPC virtual lab, called HPCvLAB, aims to offer an accessible and educational environment for users with no previous experience in HPC.

HPCvLAB provides an initial package of HPC computing resources, allowing new users to explore and take advantage of the benefits of high-performance computing. This access is supported by five Competence Centers located in Vila Real, Aveiro, Covilhã, Lisbon and Faro, guaranteeing national coverage. HPCvLAB aims to expand and promote the efficient use of HPC clusters.

The following uses are eligible:

  • Users with no experience in HPC are encouraged to explore this computing environment with adequate support for learning.
  • Testing of HPC tools in pilot projects in the industry and public administration sectors, in line with the objectives of the EuroCC2 project, promoting innovation and technological development.
  • Support for teachers on master’s and doctoral courses, enabling access to HPC resources for research and teaching.
  • RNCA and EuroCC2 project initiatives, such as HPC training for regional industrial partners.

This first edition of the HPC lab will be operational until December 31, 2024. This initial investment aims to ensure that users, even beginners, have adequate resources to explore and harness the potential of high-performance computing.

At the same time, the laboratory to promote the use of Artificial Intelligence resources, called AIvLAB, is centered on the VISION platform, a machine from the University of Évora specially designed for AI work and machine learning algorithms. This virtual AI lab aims to promote the use of AI techniques in research and innovation communities, offering resources and support for experimentation and project development in AI and machine learning.

The following precepts guide AIvLAB:

  • Support inexperienced users and CPCA candidates who want to test AI tools on GPUs.
  • Testing AI tools in pilot projects in the industry and public administration sectors.
  • Supporting AI training within the framework of EuroCC2 and hosting course teachers at higher education institutions who need resources to test AI tools and algorithms with GPUs.

This pilot project will be active until December 31, 2024, with each user having up to 6 months of access. 

An online information session on AIvLAB @ VISION is scheduled for May 29 at 12pm.

Both labs reflect our commitment to promoting the adoption of advanced technologies and empowering the research and innovation communities in Portugal. These initiatives are expected to significantly boost collaboration and technological advancement, as well as demystifying access to these technologies.

Those interested in HPCvLAB should contact one of the participating Competence Centers to request free access to HPCvLAB resources. 

In the case of AIvLAB @ VISION, interested parties should fill in the following form.