EuroCC Portugal’s Supercomputing MOOC is still going strong!

The first-ever Portuguese-language MOOC on Supercomputing by EuroCC Portugal is still up and running. It’s free, so come learn about supercomputers and their perks in Portugal and Europe!

The groundbreaking MOOC on Supercomputing, brought to you by EuroCC Portugal, continues to garner praise and enthusiasm from learners. Due to its exceptional results and ongoing relevance, we’re thrilled to announce that the course will remain accessible until June 30th this year!

Developed as part of the EuroCC project, this Portuguese-language MOOC stands as the first of its kind, offering comprehensive insights into the world of supercomputing. Hosted on the “NAU – always learning” platform, the course is entirely free, ensuring accessibility for all.

Following rigorous preparation by the EuroCC Portugal team, the MOOC was launched to provide learners with an immersive journey into the realm of supercomputers. Its primary objective is to demystify supercomputing, covering topics such as development, functionality, benefits, and their presence in Portugal and Europe. Beyond education, the course serves as a tool for raising awareness, highlighting the accessibility and significance of supercomputing in today’s world.

Join us in this educational adventure! Enrollment is open to all interested individuals. Simply follow this link to register.

For a glimpse into what awaits you, check out our inspiring introductory video.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the cutting-edge world of supercomputing in your native language. Enroll today and embark on a learning journey that promises to broaden your horizons!