IGX: the computing platform that brings doctors and robots together in operating rooms

Developed by NVIDIA, it uses Artificial Intelligence to elevate collaboration between humans and machines, particularly in healthcare.

The American company announced the arrival of a platform that will support health and the more than 300 million surgeries that, according to the press release, are performed annually in the world.

The goal is to develop and implement new devices – robots and image scanners, among others – to bring Artificial Intelligence applications to operating rooms. “Now medical devices can benefit from the same business model and innovation as self-driving cars, to be AI powered and become software defined,” admitted Kimberly Powell, vice president of Nvidia’s healthcare section, during a press conference.

IGX is being paired with NVIDIA Clara Holoscan – the AI computing platform for medical devices, which runs various applications in imaging and robotic surgery.

The hardware of this new tool is composed of an Orin module – which provides 250 TOPS of performance, a ConnectX-7 interconnect with 400 Gigabit Ethernet, and an Ampere GPU that can reach 600 TOPS of performance.

This new model will not serve to replace doctors or other healthcare professionals, but rather to be seen as a complement to the work that is already being done, for example, through real-time image viewing or robot navigation.