IXPUG 2022 has a date and venue set

The annual Intel Extreme Performance Users Group event will be hosted by Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois (USA), from September 28 to 30. It’ill also be broadcast via zoom.

HPC users and the entire community – scientists, software development specialists, researchers, academics, students and systems analysts – are called upon to attend IXPUG 2022, to be held in Illinois from September 28 to 30.

Argonne National Laboratory, responsible for hosting the 2022 edition, brings together experts from various areas of supercomputing – including industry leaders and Intel experts – to share experiences, techniques, and discuss solutions to the main challenges of Intel XPU platforms, designed to distribute tasks among the appropriate processors that must execute them.

During the three days there’ll be lectures, technical sessions and hands-on tutorials in various branches of HPC, such as: hardware beyond processors, accelerators (like GPUs and FPGAS), software tools, programming models, workloads and, among others, “oneAPI”.

For those who dare to run a talk or tutorial at IXPUG, the submission of projects is open until August 12. Research papers already published or in progress that fall under the following topics are admitted:

  • Techniques: Artificial Intelligence (machine learning/deep learning), Algorithms and Methods, Software Environment and Tools, Parallel-Programming and, among others, Memory Management.
  • Products: Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, Intel Xe graphics, Intel® FPGAs, Intel® Optane, Distributed Asynchronous Object Storage (DAOS), Visualization Technology, Intel® SW Tools and Intel® oneAPI.
  • Domains: Astrophysics, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Climate and Weather, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Data Analytics, Energy/Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Genomic Analysis, Geophysics, Life Sciences, Materials Science, Medical Imaging, Molecular Dynamics, Nanotechnology, Physics, Visualization and High Energy Physics.

Detailed information is available on the event’s website.