Portuguese Navy receives training in High Performance Computing

MACC (Minho Advanced Computing Centre) and the Portuguese Navy are collaborating in a range of initiatives, with the aim to train the Portuguese Navy in HPC.

To strengthen the cooperation between MACC – which operates one of the country’s supercomputers – and the Portuguese Navy, MACC has been invited to participate in different initiatives of the Portuguese Navy. These activities aim to provide many sections of the Portuguese Navy with the skills necessary to carry out their missions in today’s digital environment.

MACC’s researchers André Pereira and João Barbosa were invited by the Portuguese Navy to teach a three-day training course about High-Performance Computing.

This training, which took place between October 12 and 14, 2022, at Instituto Hidrográfico in Lisbon, aimed to equip trainees with the knowledge and skills needed to develop and optimize efficient code for the next generation in large-scale computing systems.

In September MACC was also invited by the Portuguese Navy to participate in the 10th edition of REPMUS, the Portugal’s largest annual robotics exercise.