The aftermath of the first EuroCC MsC fellows’ program

Seven master’s students participated in the first program organized by Instituto Superior Técnico, with projects related to HPC and technology transfer.

The EuroCC MsC fellows, a pilot program from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, for projects related to high-performance computing (HPC) and their tech transfer is about to finish its first iteration.

In total, seven students were granted fellowships to develop their projects in very different fields, from Physics to Computer Science, in the framework of EuroCC and its technology transfer activities.

The EuroCC Fellows met once again in September (see the picture below) to discuss their results, progress, and future. As always, this was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and complement each other’s work.

The future path of the students highlights the societal impact of HPC with Fellows pursuing opportunities towards a PhD (some in close interaction with companies) or moving to the industry sector.

The MSc thesis defense is scheduled for the next few months, already with several scientific and technical outputs resulting from the work of the Fellows.