The world’s most efficient supercomputer is american and european machines are getting close to the podium

Henri’s far from being the fastest system, but it’s the best in energy efficiency. Although far from the first three places, LUMI is in the top 10.

In the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world – the TOP500 – Henri appears almost at the bottom, occupying the 405th position. On the other hand, he took to the United States of America, specifically to the Flatiron Institute, the gold medal of the Green500, which correlates machine energy efficiency and the number of operations performed per second. Henri achieved a total of 65.09 GFlops/Watts.

The dethroned Frontier TDS reached an efficiency score of 62.68 GFlops/Watts and in the overall ranking of the world’s most powerful machines, it ranks 32nd.

The bronze went to the ADASTRA, from GENCI-CINES, France, whose efficiency was 58.03 GFLOPS/Watts. However, in the TOP500 it remained close to the top ten supercomputers.

Frontier, which earned the designation of the fastest and most powerful in the world by securing the first place in the TOP500, is sixth on the GREEN500 list, with an energy efficiency of 52.23 GFlops/Watts.

Behind it sits LUMI, one of Europe’s most prominent supercomputers. It is the seventh most efficient, with 51.38 GFlops/Watts, and third in the TOP500.

Here is the complete and detailed list of the ten most efficient systems in the world.