Two European supercomputers remain among the five most powerful in the world

The Top500 list has just published its latest update and features two supercomputers funded by the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking in the top places. LUMI continues to secure the third position and LEONARDO stays at the entrance of the podium.

The TOP500 list that twice a year ranks the world’s fastest supercomputers has just released its 61st update.

The first five places remain intact from the last release in November 2022. Thus, the gold medal still goes to Frontier, installed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the United States, whose performance beats 1,194.00 petaflops. It remains, to date, the only exascale system in the world.

In second place is the Japanese Fugaku, owned by the Riken Center for Computational Science, with a performance of 442.01 petaflops. LUMI, the European supercomputer based in Finland, continues to take bronze with a performance of 309.10 petaflops.

At the entrance of the podium is another machine that, like LUMI, is funded by the EuroHPC JU. LEONARDO, installed in Italy, stands at the fourth position of the TOP500, with a performance of 238.70 petaflops.

The full ranking can be seen on the website.