Women in High Performance Computing launches a new project for 2024

Aimed at fostering workplace inclusivity in the High Performance Computing (HPC) industry, “Move The Needle” will kick off this month

Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) is the only international organization dedicated to promoting diversity and the career advancement of women and underrepresented groups in HPC and provides a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development to support all those in need in this rapidly evolving field.

Reflecting this mindset to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in HPC, the project “Move The Needle” is a collaboration with Alces Flight – a company that provides high-performance computing and cloud infrastructure solutions and that is committed to the cause and wants to improve the industry.

The ‘Move the Needle’ project, spanning a year, is committed to monitoring activities and promoting responsibility in the domain of diversity and inclusion in supercomputing. This initiative focuses on critical aspects such as individual growth, recruitment and retention, skill enhancement, sustainability, legacy, and more. It acknowledges that every action, regardless of its magnitude, significantly contributes to establishing a more inclusive environment.

WHPC encourages both individuals and groups to participate in the ‘Move the Needle’ project by committing to one or more actions aimed at fostering positive change. The commitment phase is currently open, and the pledged actions will kick off this month. 

Your dedication will play a crucial role in shaping a more inclusive landscape in the field of HPC.

How the Program Operates: Over the course of the year, the ‘Move the Needle’ initiative will conduct four surveys to evaluate advancements, showcase accomplishments, and address challenges encountered by participants. Individuals will have the opportunity to engage online, exchanging experiences and gaining insights from one another. The project aims to unveil all findings at the Computing Insight UK (CIUK) 2024 conference scheduled for December 2024 in Manchester, with the goal of contributing to the evolution of workplace inclusivity.

It’s open to all actions and locations. No action is deemed too small or too large! WHPC enthusiastically welcomes a diverse array of commitments, whether they involve personal objectives, team-driven initiatives, or organisation-wide endeavours. Every action is esteemed, and collectively, participants will have a substantial impact on creating a more inclusive future. Geographical boundaries are not a limitation either; contributions from all corners of the world are warmly embraced.

In the swiftly changing landscape of supercomputing, diversity of thought holds immense significance. By becoming part of the ‘Move the Needle’ project, participants actively shape the future of the industry. Their distinctive perspectives and commitments will generate a ripple effect, inspiring positive transformations within communities.

You can give your contribution to 2024’s progress by starting your pledge here.