Webinar Series | On the Road to HPC: Major Challenges and New Opportunities

(English only)

Throughout the second semester of 2020 into 2021, the BigHPC consortium and the UT Austin Portugal Program will be organizing a webinar series to spark discussion among academia and industry about the challenges around High-Performance Computing (HPC) and the major opportunities that lie ahead for both sides.

Apart from session one, which will exceptionally bring together three senior researchers from TACC for an engaging conversation about containerized application performance at petascale, all remaining sessions will take the form of a 30-minute overview talk by an academic or a business expert involved in the BigHPC project, followed by a 10-minute moderated discussion with attendees.

Sessions are intended to provide rather practical insights into HPC-related topics ranging from containerization technologies to scientific visualization, to HPC monitoring and data storage.

This webinar series attests to the consortium’s commitment to knowledge sharing and dissemination beyond its partners and direct stakeholders to convey how collaboration between academia and industry can play an important role in advancing HCP for the benefit of science, societies, and the economy at large.

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